An urbanite into URBAN kniFesTYLE & jungle survival

Urban Knife Guy explores the urban knifestyle and gear for urban & jungle survival. In addition, he shares his kits and adventures hiking and bushcrafting in Southeast Asian jungles.

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While a city dweller, Urban Knife Guy also enjoys time in the jungle and experiments with gear and kits for both urban and jungle survival.

He has almost 10 years of scouting experience and two and half years of military service in a combat vocation with 10 more years in the combat reserves.

Professionally, Urban Knife Guy runs a strategic management consultancy firm with offices in 2 countries and prior to this has 20+ years of international experience in the entertainment and event industry. A big part of his work focused on designing gear and equipment for show production.

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EDC Urban Survival Tin | Urban Knife Guy

How to Build the Ultimate
Urban Survival Tin

In this free download, Urban Knife Guy shares the details of his urban Altoids survival kit. 

This is a survival kit for urban environments that consider life-challenging situations that are specific to living or traveling in a city.

The download includes the detailed list and links to the contents of the survival kit.

Features 25 items with more than 50 practical functions for urban disaster survival!

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Malaysian Parangs

Learn about the Modern Malaysian Parang and Parang Makers here

Parang is Malay for a large broad knife, similar to what is known as a Machete in the west.

The parang originates from the Malay archipelago with versions from Borneo, which is east Malaysia today, West Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

The Malay archipelago is the region that makes up most of what is known as Southeast Asia today.

The parang is one of the most versatile all-purpose survival knives to bring into the wild.