Not all Malaysian Parangs are the Same! Golok Perak Machete Review


The Golok Perak

Urban Knife Guy reviews a Golok that comes from an unknown maker in Perak, a state in north-western peninsula Malaysia. 

It was bought through an online store on a marketplace and no information on the maker was provided beyond the fact that it was made by a Bumiputra, which is an Indigenous person. 

The distinctive feature of the Golok is the pointed tip, almost like a drop point. As well as the curved blade. Traditionally, there is a recurve on the blade as well. There is also a slight curve on the spine, although this one is straight as it is from Perak. So this is actually called the Golok Perak. Golok Peraks tend to be slightly thinner and have a less pronounced curve on the spine and blade. 

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