Husqvarna 13″ Hatchet Review & Customisation

Urban Knife Guy shares his thoughts and modifications of the Husqvarna 13″ hatchet.

Husqvarna 13 inch Hatchet

The Husqvarna 13 inch Hatchet


  • Length of the head (from cutting edge to poll): 5 & 3/4 inches 
  • Cutting Edge Length (from toe to heel): 3 & 3/8 inches 
  • Poll Width (side to side): 1 inch 
  • Poll Height (top to bottom): 2 inches 
  • Head Weight: 1.32 lbs/ just under 600 grams 
  • Total Weight: 2.2 lbs/ just under 1kg 
  • Handle length: 15-inches 
  • Type of Wood: American Hickory 

The exact steel is unknown. It is simply Swedish steel. 

Watch the finished Upgrade Hatchet at

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