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Parang Tantari Mini Chandong

Urban Knife Guy reviews the Parang Tantari 8″ Mini Chandong. 

Parang Tantari is based out of Johor, a southern state in Pennisula Malaysia. 

This mini chandong is a modern version of a duku candong. Parang tatari makes different lengths of the mini chandong. This is the 8″ and there is a 10″ and 12″ version. 

They also make a different style Parang called the Poncho which is their version of the Golok. That has a pointed blade tip and is available in only 10″ and 12″ as of this video. 

Tantari also currently makes 2 versions of all their parangs. This is the 2022 version that has a finger choil, rectangular collar and an ergo handle. 

They also have a classic range which has all the same blade styles but features a classic round neck and swelled handle, but does not have a finger choil, or at least not as pronounced. 

The Parang Tantari Mini Chandong is available here.

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