The Bushcraft Challenge Coin is a beautiful collector’s piece designed for the bushcraft & outdoor community.

This original design features two distinct sides depicting core values and the principles of continuous learning and development of bushcraft skills.

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The goal was to create a coin that was visually striking yet meaningful to practitioners of bushcraft and outdoor exploration.

The coin measures 40mm in diameter and is made from solid brass with an antique silver finish for an aged and rugged appearance.

Unlike coins made from a cheaper zinc alloy, solid brass coins have more heft and feel more expensive. The edge of the coin is milled for a confident grip.

SIDE A – Bushcraft: Knowledge Before Gear

This side of the coin promotes the importance of acquiring knowledge and skills before gear.

The imagery includes a fire with a billy can hanging above it, tied with a jam knot to a length of paracord. In the background are two forest axes and a Malaysian duku chandong parang.

The tools in the background represent the philosophy that “gear” should take a backseat to knowledge and skills for the outdoor environment (leaves on either side of the axes).

The circumference of both sides of the coin features jute rope encircling the faces of the coins to represent cordage as an essential piece of bushcraft kit that holds everything together.

SIDE B – Guiding Values of Bushcraft

This side of the coin features a compass-face design to represent navigation and the guiding values of the challenge coin.

Each cardinal point represents a core value in bushcraft: to Learn, Survive, Adapt & Thrive.

The tree in the coin’s centre represents continued learning, growth, and connection with nature. An infinity symbol is formed by the branches in the middle of the coin to represent that learning is never-ending.

The 12 stars around the coin signify always “reaching for the stars” and trying one’s best. The 12 stars represent the 12 months of the year as a reminder that learning is continuously year-long, year after year.


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