Reapr Versa TAC Wrecking Bar for Urban Bug Out Bag

Urban Knife Guy shares his thoughts on the Reapr Versa TAC Wrecking Bar for an Urban Bug Out Bag. 

Reapr Versa TAC Wrecking Bar

The Reapr Versa TAC Wrecking Bar

The REAPR 11015 Versa TAC Wrecking Bar places different survival tools you need in one hand, making for a perfect multitool for your EDC gear, survival gear, hunting gear, or camping accessories. 

This emergency pry bar tool is perfect for an urban bug out or survival bag. 

The 4-inch head on this small wrecking bar features the functions of several tools with a ripper hook, multi-wrench, chisel edge, and a straight-edge blade for ripping, turning, chopping, and cutting. And a small crowbar and nail puller provide extra functionality as a heavy-duty demolition tool, making the REAPR Versa a solid small pry bar option for roofing, siding applications, and much more. 

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