What Knives Can You EDC in Singapore and Malaysia | Everything You Need to Know

Urban Knife Guy shares the different knife laws and regulations in Singapore and Malaysia and the legality of owning and carrying EDC (everyday carry) knives in both countries.

EDC in Singapore and Malaysia

The EDC in Singapore and Malaysia

Disclaimer: The information shared in this video is for educational and entertaiment purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. 

The official recommendation from Urban Knife Guy is not to EDC any knives in Singapore and Malaysia. 

However, if you intend to carry a knife in public despite this official recommendation, you should know the law and regulations concerning knives. 

In Singapore and Malaysia, it is legal to import, buy and own many different styles of EDC knives, including locking knives with no limits on blade lengths. No permits are licenses are needed. 

However, there are certain knives that are prohibited (illegal). 

For more information, visit: https://www.police.gov.sg/e-Services/… https://singaporelegaladvice.com/law-…

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