$20 Light Bushcraft Fixed Blade | HX Outdoors D-236

Urban Knife Guy shares his thoughts on the HX Outdoors D-236, a $20 fixed blade for light bushcraft. This is also called the Kitchen Nordic.

HX Outdoors D-236

The HX Outdoors D-236

 Hx Outdoors is a knife brand from China, and I have seen their knives for some time. They make knives with plastic handles like the Moraknivs and some with wood handles like the D-236. 


  • Blade length – 3 1/2″ 
  • Handle Length – 4 1/8″ 
  • Overall Length – 7 1/2″ 
  • Weight – 3.11 oz / 88.3g 
  • Blade Thickness – 3mm 
  • Blade Style – Drop Point 
  • Grind – Hollow Grind 
  • Steel – 65 Manganese 

65Mn is extremely durable steel from China, recognized as one of the toughest steels with many uses, from making knife blades to shock absorbers to various tools and instruments. As 65Mn steel has many applications, it is categorized as spring steel.

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