Opinel No. 8 Black Palm Limited Edition Luxury Knife

Urban Knife Guy shares his thoughts on the Opinel No 8 Black Palm Limited Edition Luxury Knife. 


Opinel No 8 Black Palm

Opinel No 8 Black Palm

Opinel has made their wooden-handled knives since 1890. The company sells approximately 15 million knives annually. 

Opinel knives are made of both high carbon and stainless steel. Opinel knives come in a wide variety of sizes and handle materials. 

This is the N°08 black palm tree and is a unique knife with its anthracite finish and wood from Guyana in South America. 

The stainless steel blade and Virobloc rotating collar have a matte anthracite finish. 

Only 6,250 copies of this knife were made worldwide. 


  • Blade length: 82mm. 
  • Closed length: 108mm. 
  • Total length: 190mm. 
  • Weight: 58g. 
  • Blade Thickness: 1.5mm. 
  • Blade Style: Clippoint 
  • Blade Treatment: anthracite black 
  • Blade Steel: Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel 

Sandvick 12C27 is manufactured by Sandvik AB, a Swedish company. Sandvik 12C27 steel is Swedish low-end steel often compared to Chinese 8Cr13MoV. 

It is a stainless steel is that offers excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high hardness, all properties that make good knife steel. However, it is easy to sharpen. 

  • Handle: Black palm wood Black palm tree, or patawa, is a black wood with light streaks and black leopard-like spots on the heel.

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