Build a Non-Altoids Urban Survival Tin (for Southeast Asia)

In a previous post, Urban Knife Guy shared how to build an urban survival tin for Disruption, Disaster or Attack using an Altoids Tin.

As many people in this part of the world have no way of getting the Altoids tin easily, Urban Knife Guy has fit all the items into a different-sized tin of a brand of cough drops that is commonly found in Southeast Asia.

This is the brand of cough drops. It is Hudson’s cough drops. 

Similarly, this tin is designed to increase chances of survival and rescue or escape, specifically in an urban environment should things go bad.

You can use it for both domestic and travel use, although you cannot hand carry this tin on a plane.

Also, check out this post to see how to build your own urban survival tin using an Altoids tin or Hudson’s tin.

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Check out “How to Build an Urban Survival Tin for Disruption, Disaster & Attack here.

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