Texenergy Infinite Air 5T Portable Off-grid Wind Turbine Unboxing


The Texenergy Infinite Air 5T

Urban Knife Guy unboxes the Texenergy Infinite Air 5T Portable Off-grid Wind Turbine. 

The wind turbine allows you to charge your power bank and devices while you are outdoors. The Infinite Air 5T is the latest version of Texenergy’s smallest wind turbine. It was designed for campers, explorers, and adventurers on expeditions. 


  • Total Weight: 1.65 kg 
  • Total Height: 78 cm 
  • Tripod Height: 43.5cm 
  • Blade Diameter: 41 cm 
  • Total Length (including Tail Fin): 33cm 
  • Min. Wind Speed Required: 8mph / 12km/h 
  • Max. Wind Speed: 40mph / 62km/h 
  • Max. Power Produced: 5V, 2A 
  • Water-resistant and IP65 rated 
  • Operating Temperature: -30ºc to +40ºc

Purchase the Infinite Air 5T at: https://bit.ly/3XnjVe4

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