Will the Tops Brakimo Be My New Bushcraft Knife? | Review & Field Test

Urban Knife Guy shares a detailed review and field test of the Tops Brakimo fixed blade.

Tops Brakimo

Tops Brakimo fixed blade.

The Tops Brakimo was designed and named by Joe Flowers. He has designed many Knives and machetes for well-known companies such as Condor out of El Salvador. 

Joe also runs a survival school of sorts called Bushcraft Global in Colombia. The school takes people of all skill levels into the Amazonian jungle for more than a week to teach them survival skills. 

This knife was designed for this particular trek and the Amazon jungle Environment. When they sign up for the expedition, participants will get this knife and a Tops machete. 


  • Blade Length: 5.25″ 
  • Handle Length: 4.75″ 
  • Overall Length: 10.00″ 
  • Knife Weight: 9.4oz/ 266.5gm 
  • Blade Thickness: 0.190″/ 4.8mm 
  • Blade Finish: Tungsten Cerakote 
  • Blade Grind: Modified scandi grind or sabre grind 
  • Blade Steel: 1095 
  • RC 56-58 

1095 is part of the 10 series of steel. 

In the case of “1095” the first digit “1” refers to carbon, the second digit “0” means that there is no second main element used in the alloy, and the two last digits “95” refers to 0.95%, which gives us 0.95% of Carbon. 

It has good edge retention, of course not as good as stainless steels and Super steels. But it is tough and more than adequate for Bushcraft. 

The main criticism of 1095 or high carbon steel is that it has low corrosion resistance and is prone to rust. However, practitioners know that if you use the knife regularly, keep the blade dry and clean after use, rusting in the field is not an issue.

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