Urban Life Needs a Different Knife (New Channel Trailer!)

This channel focuses on EDC (everyday carry) knives that are practical and make sense for people who live in urban environments. 


The Urban Knifestyle

Urban survival is very different from outdoor survival and you need a knife that is highly functional, looks great with your clothes and is easy to carry around.

This is what Urban Knife Guy calls the “urban knifestyle”. Urban Knife Guy shares the unique aspects of choosing and owning an EDC in an urban environment. He offers suggestions and recommendations not typically covered by outdoor adventure and survival experts.

Each video will showcase EDC knives from the top knife manufacturers including Benchmade, Spyderco, CRKT, Civivi, Cold Steel, Kershaw, Boker, Buck, Leatherman, Fontenille Pataud, Victorinox and others.

Find out which knives work best for corporate executives, working professionals, blue-collar workers, gig workers and just about anybody.

Check out Urban Knife Guy’s take on a survival tin designed to increase chances of survival and rescue or escape specifically in an urban environment should things go bad here.

Check out “How to Build an Urban Survival Tin for Disruption, Disaster & Attack here.

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